My way of cooking speaks of me and of the changing reality around me. It sends clear messages in a specific and different language, old but always new and in constant evolution.

It is not easy to translate in words the life path that brings to become a cook. It is even harder to sort out the mix of emotions, rediscovered traditions, tastes, consistences and inconsistences able to establish a connection with the taster. Communicating something to him through the senses that will guide him during his life: smell, eyesight, taste, touch, hearing and not only…

We feel, we create something.

Cooking, as I conceive it, free from expectation and conceit, cannot be described in any other way but art, is similarly performed with dedication, effort and creativity, able to arouse emotions for those who are willing to feel them. As any other form of artistic expression, cookery does not want to limit its placing in space and time, while it offers itself humbly served on a plate, a chalice, ready to be broken by the judgement of a fork, but also ready to become, from that taste on, part of a being.

The menu of 2015


Cooking, a choice, a destiny, an irresistible call.

In addition to myself, I thank the love for tradition and for well-done things that my family passed on to me. Together with my brother, wine enthousiast who deals with the dining room and the wine cellar, we reinvented, day after day, the energy on wich the Bracali world is grounded. A small, big world of fibrillating expansion, made of matter and genuine people, who share such a big passion that it is impossibile not to spread it.

No cosmetic surgery but skillful mastery at enhancing the perfect shapes of the nature around us: this is the Maremma and my mission is to show you the extraordinary hiding in the crunchy pathways, on the creamy foam of a wave. I serve you the chatter of the village café garnished with bright icing of the spring wheat. Everything blends together, added, never mixed, with a sprinkle of fantasy and a pinch of world experience.


Our wine list has been built and developed over the course of the last twenty years of activity and it is in continuous evolution. In spite of the cyclical changes during the years, we are strongly convinced that the wine selection must always follow two important criteria.

The first: we add to our wine list only those wine producers whose origin, history and philosophy can be directly and deeply examined by us. These elements let us understand if we could appreciate and share the professional choises of the winemakers. Their professional paths can be obviously different but they all have a common point: they produce their identity reflecting wines.

The second criterion concerns the choice of inserting into our wine selection more vintages for each firm, thus letting our custumer drink and taste the wine in every phase of its life, each of them representative of a different expression.
We believe the restaurant is the right place to appreciate all this in a non-scholastic way.

Luca Bracali is pleased to make available his decades of experience providing a selection of wine labels of the best Champagne and Borgogna wines on behalf of the restaurant Bracali and is available for any clarification.
Email: info@mondobracali - Tel: 0039 0566 902318


The best present is the unexpected one that leaves an indelible sign.

Each of my creations is a travel that can make you feel emotions probing into the future and leading you back in the past at the same time. It is simply absurd to guess what you should feel by tasting each dishe. You cannot describe an aroma, a drop that falls on the flame releasing its essence, a pupa that becomes butterfly, an emotion to be experienced right away before it takes flight.

"Regala Bracali" is conceived for those who want to donate an experiential travel through the fabulous world of Bracali. You just need to contact us by phone calling this number 0566 902318 or sending us an email at and we will choose together the most appropriate package for your guests. They will receive a paper or digital voucher expendable at their’s pleasure.




Guida Michelin: 2 stelle - 4 forchette

Touring Club: 1 medaglia - 5 forchette

Le guide de L'espresso: 17,5

Gambero Rosso: 85


Hotel "Il Girifalco" - Massa Marittima
Hotel "Andana" - Castiglion della Pescaia
Conti di San Bonifacio - Gavorrano

Termal baths of Saturnia - spa & golf resort (60 km)
Campiglia Marittima - etrurian baths Calidario (39 km)
Petriolo termal baths - spa resort (30 km)
Roccastrada - La Melosa spa resort (16 km)
Massa Marittima - La Siègià relais wellness & beauty (10 km)

Massa Marittima - medioeval district (7 km)
Chiusdino - San Galgano Abbey and Montesiepi Church, “the sword in the stone” (18 km)
Maremma National Park (40 km)
Siena - UNESCO World Heritage Centre (65 km)
Castiglione della Pescaia (28 km)
Piombino harbour – ferry to Elba Island (37 km)

Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri - (50km)
Archaeological Museum of Maremma and Sacred Art Museum of Grosseto Diocese (30 km)
Il Giardino dei Tarocchi - (75 km)

Balestro del Girifalco (medieval crossbow competition) – Massa Marittima – May and August
Grey Cat – International jazz festival – various locations – August
Maremma Wine Shire – wine and food deliciousness showroom – Grosseto – May
Palio di Siena – 2 July/ 16 August


Restaurant Bracali s.a.s.
via di Perolla, 2 - 58020 Ghirlanda (GR)

Telephone: 0566 902318

The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays,
at lunch time on Tuesdays
and annually from the 15th of December to the 10th of February.

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WELCOME Leave your problems behind
WITH US In our world
LET US GUIDE YOU Walking through the taste paths
STOP THE TIME Working with passion
A OASIS OF HAPPINESS With plain and passionate character
SHARP ROUNDNESSES Expression of pleasant wisdom
SLIDE UPWORDS Without excess
IN BRIGHT BALANCE There is no now without the past
LIE DOWN Regain the lost time